What is Freeze Drying?

At Popside Candy, we might be the first to introduce you to the process of freeze drying. If you have heard of freeze drying, chances are that you think of chalky “astronaut” ice cream, strange camping food, or perhaps an underground survival bunker.

Popside Candy is on a mission to rebrand freeze dried snacks into a fun way to try something new. Freeze drying boasts a lot of benefits, but the most important is that it makes candy taste really, really delicious! 

Learn about freeze drying!

Freeze drying is traditionally used to accomplish one thing: extend the shelf life of a perishable product. We accomplish this by completely removing all moisture from the product. 

While the moisture is gone, freeze drying has an unique ability to retain all the product’s nutrients, compounds, and even aromas. All of these benefits with no added preservatives or any other additives. 

While it may sound a bit complicated, the process of freeze drying is actually quite simple, and the benefits are immediate. 

Step 1

The first step in freeze drying is, you guessed it, to freeze the product. We want the liquid water inside a product to turn into a solid ice. We use temperatures as low as -40 degrees to accomplish this very quickly. 

Each product will have its own unique settings for temperatures and process cycle times. 


Step 2

We use powerful vacuums to reduce the pressure inside the product chamber. This aids in the process of sublimation, which is a fancy way to say the solid ice turns into water vapor directly.

The water vapor is simply extracted and collected back into solid ice form. 


And that's it! 


The freeze dried product is now airy and lightweight, with a new crunchy and puffy texture. Original flavors are enhanced and an unforgettable snacking experience is created!

The process can be applied to a wide variety of foods, offering a fun new way to consume your favorite snacks. Popside Candy is about experiencing a new side to snacking!

Now that you know how we make our snacks, be sure to try our wide range of delicious crunchy freeze dried treats!


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