Freeze Dried Snacks That Go Where You Go

Adventure knows no bounds, and neither do your sweet snacking options with Popside Candy! We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, and that's why we've crafted a wide range of delectable freeze dried snacks that are perfect companions for all of life's adventures.


Road Trippin'

Ready to hit the open road? Keep your taste buds entertained with our airy & crunchy freeze dried candy without worrying about melting candy or sticky fingers. Our bags were custom designed with premium resealable technology, which means you can share with your road trip buddies (or not, we won't judge!) these sweet treats and keep them fresh between snacking sessions.


Popside Goes Beachside

What better way to elevate your relaxing beach experience than with a selection of freeze dried snacks from Popside Candy? Create fun and memorable moments with your friends and family by packing our unique and delicious treats in your beach bag. Whether sunbathing, building sand castles, or catching up on your favorite book, Popside Candy offers several delectable flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Camping Under the Stars

As you're gathered around a warm campfire sharing stories and reconnecting with nature, reach for a bag of Popside Candy to add a delightful twist to the traditional camping experience. With our engineered freeze drying process, we guarantee all of our flavors are fresh, crunchy, and delicious from the start of your camping adventure to the very end.


The Ultimate Work Pick-Me-Up

Let's face it; work can often be a whirlwind of emails, meetings, and urgent deadlines. Brighten your work day by enjoying a bag of freeze dried candy right at your desk! A convenient and yummy treat that allows you to regroup, refocus and tackle of tasks with renewed energy. Plus, due to its unique and fun texture, you'll be surprised by how quickly it can spark a friendly chat or become a topic of discussion in the breakroom!


Creating Magic for Your Indoor Movie Night

There's something undeniably enchanting about cozying up for an indoor movie night. Whether you're enjoying your favorite film alone, spending quality time with loved ones, or hosting a gathering of friends, the ambiance of a movie night is unparalleled. What better way to enhance this cinematic experience than the delightful addition of freeze dried candy? Indulge in a new and fun sweet treat with Popside Candy, creating a multisensory experience for all ages!


No matter where life takes you, Popside Candy's wide array of freeze dried candy flavors are crafted to add a touch of sweetness to every adventure. So, next time you're off on a new adventure, whether you're traveling across country or simply curling up on the couch, don't forget to bring along Popside Candy for a flavorful and memorable snacking experience.



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