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Freeze Dried Candy Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Trendy Must Try Gift for Foodies

Freeze Dried Candy Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Trendy Must Try Gift for Foodies

Popside Candy is the perfect trendy gift for that foodie on your Christmas list. As one of the biggest viral snacks on TikTok this year, #freezedriedcandy has reached over 1.2B views for a reason. 

Freeze drying is a relatively simple process that removes moisture entirely from a product, and the result is absolutely mind blowing when used on the candy flavors you already love. Chewy and sticky candy is transformed into a fascinating new cloud-like texture with enhanced flavors and a new melt in your mouth taste.

Popside Candy is the new candy snack that is truly a snacking experience. Fun to eat, and even more fun to look at, you can’t go wrong introducing the snackers in your life to an enticing and delightful treat they won’t forget.

  • For the Snacker

    • Popside Candy: Peanut Brittle

      • What’s better than part cookie, part candy? Popside Candy has achieved the impossible with the crunchy, not chewy, brittle puffs you won’t be able to put down. Each bite is packed full of crunchy peanuts and heavenly hints of sweet honey flavors.
      • Large Family Size Bag $19.99 with Free Shipping
      • popside candy peanut brittle freeze dried candy
  • For the Fun Lover

    • Popside Candy: Fruity

      • The classic freeze dried candy snack! We use freeze dried Skittles® to create an unbelievable flavor explosion. Same classic fruity flavors, no more chewy texture! Crunchy, puffy, fruity.  
      • Large Family Size Bag $19.99 with Free Shipping
      • freeze dried skittles popside candy
  • For the Chocolate Lover

    • Popside Candy: Caramel

      • An original fan favorite, these chocolatey puffs are unlike any caramel you’ve ever tried. No more sticky mess! Enjoy the light and airy center with a sweet chocolate shell that is easy to crunch and savor. Here’s the best secret…try the “candy dust” at the bottom of the bag as an ice cream topping!
      • Large Family Size Bag $19.99 with Free Shipping
      • freeze dried candy caramel mms popside candy
  • For the Holiday Fan

    • Popside Candy: Holiday Gift Box

      • Why send boring gift boxes with ordinary chips, socks or mugs? Send a memorable and unique gift with the Holiday Box, jam-packed with 6 snack sized bags of freeze dried candy, a scented candle, a hand painted holiday card, and a fun recipe card containing a fun holiday baking activity. It's the best way to try 3 brand new special seasonal flavors: Peppermint, Honey Puffs, and Blue Raspberry.
      • (6) Bags and Holiday Goodies for $49.99 with Free Shipping
      • freeze dried candy holiday gift box
  • For the Picky Eater

    • Popside Candy: Variety Box

      • Play it safe with the build your own variety box, where you can select up to 3 flavors for a fun taste exploration activity. With 7 intriguing flavors of freeze dried candy to choose from, you’re destined to find a snack they will love.
      • (3) Snack Size Bags for $25.99 with Free Shipping
      • freeze dried candy variety box gift skittles mms sour worms



Want to learn more about the freeze drying process? Popside Candy has an easy to read article on their blog to learn more. Popside Candy is a family owned small business located in Michigan and you can learn more about their story here!


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